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TRS offers a wide range of B2B, Bulk and Trade Services 

Device Processing and Grading
Business Support

We are here to help! Small medium or large business support is our thing!  TRS Can collect, Repair and Return any device to your home or buisness - Please contact the business support line for more information.  T&C's Apply.

If you need full or partial refurbishment services we can support you.  Samsung handsets, wearables nand tablets & The full Apple portfolio of devices.  Fully Authorised and accredited - Please contact our support line or email for mor information

Our expert staf and engineers have the training and skills to process, grade and report on small or large device volumes.  Our business support personle can give you more detail and create bespooke pocesseses for your company 

Warranty Services
Insurance Handling and Fulfilment

As a Fully Authorised Apple & Samsung Partner, we offer warranty services.  If you as an individual or business require warranty support please get in touch for more detailed information. 

TRS can support your company with fulfilment, Our business can collect, triage, supply 

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